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Making Finance Make Sense

The performance of many people and businesses is hindered by a lack of comfort and confidence to talk about financial performance.

Rather than challenge the status quo, they stay quiet, afraid to speak up.

To unleash all that latent capability we deliver training designed and delivered by experts who make the seemingly complex understandable, relatable and approachable.

“We help you and your teams to better understand, interrogate and interpret financial performance by giving them the confidence, knowledge and understanding to answer questions, challenge, add value and make decisions.”

Martin MellorManaging Director

We cater for all business types and organisations

  • Developing Capability for Organisations

    We partner with you to deliver our training exclusively for your organisation. This enables us to create bespoke, specific content which meets all the learning needs of you and your team.

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  • Developing Capability for Individuals

    Are you trying to grow your business or progress your career? You recognise that you lack the knowledge or expertise to challenge or interpret the information in finance reports and want to improve your skills to help make sense of the numbers.

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  • Developing Capability for Executives

    We help ambitious Business Executives & Directors who are looking to grow, recognising that they lack the time and/or expertise. We work with you to help focus on improving performance, while providing a sounding board and strategic guidance.

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Mellor Financial Training

To build a thriving business, having robust conversations around finance is vital. The backbone of success is the ability to challenge, ask insightful questions, and arrive at informed decisions.

However, the seemingly intricate world of finance often leads to real and perceived blind spots or complicated jargon, leaving leaders and decision-makers confused and lacking confidence.

At our core, we offer meticulously crafted courses to empower those without a solid financial background. Our mission is to bridge the knowledge gap, enabling individuals to grasp financial information effectively and confidently make business decisions.

What sets us apart is our innovative training approach, tailored to ensure a personalised and captivating learning journey for every participant ensuring any theory is relatable in the real world.

Seamlessly combining virtual and face-to-face sessions with the flexibility of self-paced and blended courses, we have achieved an outstanding 90% completion rate.

Our training imparts tangible gains for our clients. Work with us to unlock the potential of financial understanding, fostering a confident and proficient team.

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Image of a group of people listening to the delivery of a financial training session in a seminar style format.
Martin from Mellor Financial Training looking on a computer screen at training course modules

The right solution for you

At Mellor Financial Training, we aim to empower organisations and their people with the tools and knowledge they need to understand their financial performance. With our tailored financial training, we offer an array of learning pathways, ensuring that we identify the most suitable solution for your unique requirements.

We go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, taking the time to comprehend your specific challenges and questions.
Guided by our dedicated founder, Martin, Mellor Financial Training is a beacon of expertise in providing top-tier financial training. Martin’s profound expertise stems from extensive hands-on experience, rigorous academic studies, and an unwavering passion for fostering financial understanding.

This combination of knowledge and enthusiasm is at the heart of our commitment to driving financial confidence among businesses. With our guidance, your business can navigate the intricacies of finance with assurance and competence.

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