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Giving your team the skills to THRIVE

When running a business, it’s important that everyone who needs to, feels confident in making quality decisions, generating quality sales, and increasing profitability.

But what happens when you’ve promoted new leaders, or hired new staff who feel out of their depth when it comes to finance?

Finance should involve and be accessible to all decision makers. This is where our in-house training sessions and cohort based courses come in.

In collaboration with your organisation we will design a bespoke financial training programme, crafted to provide a practical, clear overview of business finance. The training is designed to enable delegates to go away with increased confidence and knowledge and can either be in person at a venue of your choice or our market leading cohort based hybrid learning.

Make decisions with confidence.

What mistakes might be being missed? What if your team doesn’t feel comfortable asking questions because they think they should know what something means?

We successfully work with organisations to deliver in house as a standalone, regular repeat sessions or as part of a management programme.

Typical courses we could run in house are:

  • Finance for non-finance managers 1 day
  • Finance for non-finance managers 2 day
  • Introduction to company accounts
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow and Cash management toolkit

Are you ready to build your team’s financial confidence?

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